This program focuses on three key elements:  

  • Developing young leaders in environmental justice
  • Building awareness and understanding of the natural environment
  • Encouraging careers in the environmental sciences

With guidance from experienced professionals, students photodocument environmental issues in their neighborhoods and develop a vision for change. They then create a photovoice presentation to educate civic and government leaders and community members on the environmental concerns faced by their communities.

Participants in the youth program will also volunteer at local public parks to learn and practice skills that pertain to the conservation and preservation of Detroit's ecology. Such skills include data collection, species identification, as well as, gaining a familiarity with scientific terms and procedures. During the final weeks of the program, students explore local university programs in the environmental sciences, which will motivate tomorrow's leaders in fulfilling prosperous careers in the emerging green economy.

Youth chapters are established through local churches, elementary and secondary schools, neighborhood block clubs and civic organizations. By developing these chapters, we build a secure foundation for the successful transition of leadership to the next generation.